The writing of Zachary T. Bucholtz

University Record

Throughout my junior year at Michigan, I had an internship at The University Record, the official newspaper for staff at faculty news.  My primary responsibility was to write for the weekly “Staff and Faculty Spotlight” feature.  I had the privilege of interviewing some of the most fascinating people I have ever met.  It was an inspiring experience, learning from these people, hearing their amazing stories, and listening to them talk about what working at Michigan means to them.

Bruce Conforth – Winner of the Golden Apple teaching award, the only student-selected award on campus.

Susan Douglas – Chair of the Communications Department who has authored several popular books, been on Oprah, and chaired the Peabody Committee.

Susan Douglas (unedited) – A longer, uncut version of the story; I was very proud of this.  She’s truly one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met.

Perry Samson – “Extreme Weather” professor who takes teams of students to “chase tornadoes.”

Len Middleton – Business professor whose students have worked with Bono and contributed to the Hurricane Katrina disaster plan.

Ken Mikolowski– Accomplished writer of short poetry who founded The Alternative Press and was friends with Allen Ginsberg.

Elizabeth James – Third-generation storyteller who survived a recent liver transplant.

Dave Boprie – Lab technician who’s worked with NASA; also an amateur pilot and radio builder.

Karl Daubmann – Architect who runs his own business and serves as Creative Director of a company that builds energy-efficient homes.

Debby Mitchell – Graduate School advisor who doubles as a minister, poet, and actress.

Dan Shere – Intro-level screenwriting instructor who returns to his alma mater after success in Hollywood.

Mike Shriberg – One of the top brains behind the Graham Sustainability Institute at Michigan.

Jeremy Towler – Dental school handyman who moonlights as a volunteer firefighter.

Mark Haviland (upcoming) – Theatre major who has traveled the world teaching robot technology, worked at Epcot, and now helps theatre students.

David Potter (upcoming) – Expert on Greek and Roman history who has been featured on The History Channel.

Marc Stephens (upcoming) – Drastic weight loss inspired a medical school mini-course called “Tech Savvy Fitness.”


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